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Parent's Top Shelf

"He wants to be a GOALIE??!!"

It seems not long ago, that my 6 year old son Ben decided he wanted to be a goalie, and there was no changing his mind.  It wasn't for a lack of trying however,  like many parents facing this scenario my first instinct was to  steer him away from the position. Who needs to deal with the hassles of all that extra gear, and expense?  More importantly, I knew nothing about the position, and was worried I wouldn't be able to help Ben in his development at all.   I have spent years coaching forwards how to attack, and defencemen how to defend, and now I have a son who wants to be a goalie and all I can tell him is "stop the puck?".   It was a stressful and daunting thought that my son had his heart set on something that felt so unfamiliar and foreign to me.  That's when I turned to a former goalie, and friend of mine Bob Goulden for answers.  He helped teach Ben the basics of the position, and was very honest with him about the amount of work it would take to succeed.  Since working with Bob, Ben's love for, and commitment to the position has grown exponentially. Not only was Bob a huge help to Ben, but to me as well, and now  we would like to help other parents in a similar situation.


Don't FEAR.....

Every young hockey player wants to try goal tending at some point and it is tough for parents to identify if it is just a fleeting "cool thing to do" or a serious passion for the position.  Bob and I have tried to structure our Crease Masters programs to help young aspiring goalies and their families discover what they want from their goalie experience.  Our Introductory (Pre-Elite) Programs are designed to be fun but intense at a reasonable cost. Once the introductory level has been completed, our Elite and Super Elite Programs are designed to give the committed young goalie the tools to take their game to "The Next Level". 

 As a parent who has been in your shoes and has discovered a new passion for the game of hockey and more specifically the goal tending experience I urge you to send us your questions and comments.  We are committed to helping young athletes and their families discover the art of goal tending because

"the CREASE Shouldn't Be a Lonely Place!"